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Consumer Health Products
Multiparameter Patient Monitor
  • Monitoring System


    All the services are under ICT era. Monitoring System is used to tract and manage our products in a centralized database

    Orange Fish
  • X-ray Tube Equipment


    A modern X-ray Tube Equipment used to take X-ray pictures for a diseased

    Sea Turtle
  • Ward Screens


    Ward Screens.

    Red Coral
  • Syringe Pumps


    Scientific Syringe Pumps.

    Coral Reef
  • Operating Table


    Modern Operating Table.

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  • Motor Electric Bed


    Electric Bed for emergencies

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About the Company

Established in 2012, we are a young company aspiring to be a premier solutions provider for medical equipment and supplies within the region.We are committed to fulfilling our vision and are continuously on the lookout for opportunities on the continent. We are also alert to the need to be always ahead in our service delivery and are committed to the continuous improvement of our services and infrastructure.

Featured Products
Syringe Pumps
Industrial Autoclaves
Medical Rescue Alloy Alluminium Streacher
Ultrasonic Nebulizers
Villard- Surgical Bridge
Prescription Drug
Vaccines Products
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» Laboratory Equipment
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» Operating theater equipment
» Hospital Furniture
» ICU Equipment
» Surgical Instruments
» e.t.c

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° Olympus, ° Omron,

° Seca, ° Gambro,

° Bio Systems, ° Mindray,

° Memmert, ° Polymed

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