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About Us

Who we are


Established in 2012, we are a young company aspiring to be a premier solutions provider for medical equipment and supplies within the region.We are committed to fulfilling our vision and are continuously on the lookout for opportunities on the continent. We are also alert to the need to be always ahead in our service delivery and are committed to the continuous improvement of our services and infrastructure.

Our Slogan/ Motto

Precision in healthcare needs.

Our Vision

Shiffa Healthcare Limited (SHL) is a healthcare solutions provider dedicated to the provision of quality and cost-effective health products and services. The ever-increasing cost of providing services requires that organizations look into areas in which they can leverage quality and cost effectiveness. SHL offers such an opportunity

As a company we aspire to be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of the healthcare sector in Kenya and the world at large.

Our Values

As an organization, our core values are driven by a desire to improve human life, operate with the highest standards of integrity, expand access to our products and employ a diverse workforce that values collaboration.

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